The City of Monroe City owns and operates the electric, natural gas, water & sewer utilities which serve the residents and businesses of Monroe City. In addition, the City contracts with Dayne’s Disposal Service to pickup residential solid waste in Monroe City. Utilities and residential waste disposal are billed monthly and are payable at City Hall. Click on “Utility Rates” for the current City rates. Click on “Collection Policy for the City’s current utility collection policy. To report outages, or it you smell gas or have other problems regarding your utility service, please call (573) 735-4411, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The 911 dispatcher will answer. Please provide them with your name, location and a brief description of your problem. They will dispatch the appropriate party to assist you. If you have questions or concerns about your utility bill, please contact City Hall at (573) 735-4585 option 1.

The electric system was established in 1902 when the first electric generating engine and distribution system were installed. The Electric Department has maintained and upgraded its electric system and now serves approximately 1,150 residential, 250 commercial and 3 industrial customers.  The City purchases all of its electric power through the Missouri Public Utility Alliance.   The City does have electric generating equipment; however they can only be used during a declared emergency.


The gas system was installed in 1963 when the City passed a $750,000 revenue bond to finance installing a 29 mile gas trunk line from Panhandle Eastern’s line near Laddonia, Missouri to Monroe City, construction of a gas border station and installation of gas mains and service lines. The City purchases its gas supplies through the Municipal Gas Commission of Missouri. Currently the City serves approximately 1,017 residential, 154 commercial and 2 industrial customers. In addition, the City transports gas for the City of Perry, Missouri. Gas hook-ups are available and are installed by the City.


The water system was installed in 1911. The current water plant was built in 1984 on the airport property. It has a daily production capacity of 1,000,000 gallons. The current daily average is 500,000 gallons. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has designated this plant as level A requiring at least one operator with an A license. The water department has a storage capacity of 1,000,0000 gallons in its two water towers and clear well. The water department current serves approximately 1,070 residential, 166 commercial and 3 industrial customers. During May, 2003, the City is initiated a three year program to replace all of the old water mains in Monroe City.


The sewer system was installed in 1936. The current sewer plant was remodeled in 1974 and re-designed to be an extended aeration plant. The plant has a daily capacity of 800,000 gallons. The current average flow is 230,000. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has designated this plant as level B requiring at least one operator with a B license. The sewer department currently serves approximately 1,054 residential, 146 commercial and 3 industrial customers.  Beginning in November 2014, the City will be undertaking a $4,000,000 sewer line improvement project that is funded by USDA.

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If you are in need of Energy Assistance, the application can be downloaded off the site below.  You can also request an application be mailed to you by calling 855-FSD-INFO (855-373-4636).