About Monroe City


city hallWelcome to Monroe City, Missouri, a quaint small town that is located at the junction of U.S. Highways 24 & 36. It is just 17 miles west of Hannibal which is the boyhood home of Mark Twain. Our area represents the best of the American Midwest. A variety of shops, several parks, three City lakes, a golf course and swimming pool are just a few of the amenities our small town has to offer. Monroe City also has a very active business, industrial and transportation network as well as excellent schools and churches.
Just a few miles south of town is the Mark Twain Lake that offers 18,000 acres of water and 285 miles of shoreline for boating, fishing, picnics, and other recreational activities. The drive to the lake offers visitors and residents a beautiful country scene complete with farmland and country homes.

Whether you are visiting, passing through or planning to become part of the community, our “Welcome” signs convey to all that we enjoy the opportunity to share our town and our very positive “can-do” spirit.

Monroe City is considered a regional employment center that draws from a skilled work force within a 50-mile radius and has a very conducive environment for manufacturing businesses whether established or just beginning. Missouri Metalcraft primarily manufactures zinc and aluminum die castings and assemblies for the automotive and electronics industries. Aspeq is located in the Monroe City Industrial Park. It employs 120 and manufacturers tubular heating elements used in products from small appliances to submarines. Lakeside Casting Solutions manufactures small zinc parts for the auto and telecommunications industries.

Moving here or just have a general question? Contact City Hall at (573) 735-4585 option 1.


Mission Statement:

The City of Monroe City’s Mission is to provide high quality, cost effect services and infrastructure so families and businesses can pursue a better quality of life.

Fast Facts



Land Area

3.1 square miles

Coldest Month


Hottest Month


Median Temperature

54 Degrees

Average Annual Rainfall

12 inches

Average Winter Temperature

32.7 degrees


Mayor, two councilmen from each of three wards, appointed fire chief, appointed director of administrator, appointed director of public works, appointed city attorney, elected City Marshall


720 feet above sea level

Distances to major metropolitan areas

State capital-Jefferson City-79 miles
St. Louis-135 miles
Kansas City-180 miless
Atlanta-700 miless
Cleveland-722 miless
Denver-745 miless
Memphis-440 miless
New York-1,060 miless
Chicago-320 miless
Dallas-650 miless
Detroit-556 miless
Los Angeles-1,810 miless
New Orleans-833 miless
Washington, D.C.-836 miles