Liquor License

Per chapter 6 of the Monroe City Code of Ordinances, it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or partnership or corporation to manufacture, sell or expose for sale in this city intoxicating liquor in any quantity, without first having a license from the city to sell intoxicating liquor.

In order to obtain a liquor license for the first time, fill out the applicable liquor license application form on the links below:

Application Sole Owner

Application Partnership

Application Corporation

Submit y0ur application and license fee to City Hall.  If you have any questions contact:

Christine Ellison, City Clerk
City Hall
109 Second Street, P.O. Box 67
Monroe City, MO  63456
(573) 735-4585 extension 252
(573) 735-3314 Fax

Applications for liquor license must be approved by the Board of Aldermen at their regular meeting.

If you need state information, please contact either the local office at

The State of Missouri Liquor Control
(314) 340-6835


Missouri Department of Public Safety
Division of Liquor Control
301 W. High Street, Suite 860
Jefferson City, MO  65102
(573) 751-2333

If you already have a liquor license, you will be sent a letter in mid November advising you how you can renew your liquor license for the following year.