Zoning Information

Site Plans

Site plans are required to be prepared and approved for all commercial construction projects. The site plan must show the location of the project and address utility service and drainage. See sec. 90-226 to 90-275. Site plans must be filed with City Hall no later that 2:00 P.M., five days prior to the meeting in which they will be reviewed. Ex: site plan to be reviewed on Thursday. Site plan must be submitted to City Hall by 2:00 P.M. Tuesday. Eleven (11) copies of all applicable documents pertaining to the site plan being submitted along with a filing fee of $50.00.

All site plans must include:

  • Owner’s name
  • Property Location
  • Description of Project
  • Documentation stating that all information required as per City ordinance 90-270 has been provided.
  • Description of the services that the project described in the site plan will require from the City of Monroe City.

Failure to provide the requested information will result in the site plan not being processed.

Owners desiring to change the zoning of their property must submit an application to the City along with a $190.00 filing fee. A public hearing conducted by the Planning & Zoning Commission and the City Council is required for all zoning changes. Notice of hearing must be published in the local newspaper twice, with the first publication not less than 15 days from the date of the hearing. If the Planning & Zoning Commission and the City Council approves the zoning change, the City Council must adopt an ordinance approving this change.

Owners desiring to erect a structure on their property that does not meet certain requirements of the planning & zoning ordinances may request a variance from these changes. Typically variances are to relax the setback requirements and the size of the structure. In order to obtain a variance, owners must submit an application and submit a filing fee of $50.00. A public hearing must be held. All property owners within 100 feet must be notified by certified mail. The City’s Board of Adjustments conducts the public hearings and has the right to grant or deny the variance request.


How do I obtain a building permit?
You must apply for the building permit at City Hall. You must then submit your application and building plans to Mike Hays, Building Inspector. Mike Hays will review the plans, determine if any variance are required and list all fees applicable to this project. Mike Hays will submit his approval, list of fees, and the permit to the City Collector who in turn will issue it upon payment of the fees.

How do I determine the zoning for my property?
Contact City Hall. They have a zoning map and will tell you how your property is zoned.

What is a Conditional Use Permit
This is a permit that allows a non conforming use. Example: property is zoned R-2 residential. Retail store which requires C-1 commercial zoning wants to operate on that property. They would be allowed to do so if they obtained a conditional use permit which would allow that specific use of the property. Conditional use permits require a public hearing and must be approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission and the City Council. Conditional use permits are recorded by the county recorder.
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This information has been compiled from the tax roles from Monroe, Marion & Ralls Counties dated July 2014. If you need information  on ownership of properties that have been transferred after July 2014,  please contract either the Assessor’s Office or the Recorder of Deeds Office of the respective county.  Due to privacy issues, we do put the name of the property owners on our website.  If you need to know the owner, please call City Hall at (573) 735-4585, Option 1

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