Waste Disposal

The City of Monroe City contracts with a waste disposal company to pickup and dispose of all residential waste in the city limits of Monroe City.  The charge for this service is included on the residential customer’s utility bill.  The current charge is $11.62 per month and is designated on the utility bill as “SA” (for sanitation).  Once utilities are turned on in a residential customer’s name at a specified location, the SA charges remains until that customer no longer has utility service in their name at the specified location.

Click here to see Monroe City’s Solid Waste Program

Residential customers who have items to be disposed that do not meet the criteria for being picked-up as regular household waste, such as construction wastes, may call Dayne’s Disposal at 866-214-6919.  They will give you a price for picking up this waste and bill you direct for this service.  Commercial customers may select any licensed disposal company to pickup their waste.

Pickup service for residential customers west of Main Street and north of Hwy 24 & 36 East and Stoddard Street is on Tuesday.  Pickup service for residential customers on the east of Main Street and south of Hwy 24 & 36 East is on Friday.  All waste must be on a City street by 7:00 am on the day of schedule pickup.

The Monroe City Sheltered Workshop picks up recycling waste every Tuesday.  Items to be recycled are:  newspapers, magazine, junk mail/paper, corrugated cardboard, books, water/soda bottles, milk/juice jugs, detergent bottles, coffee containers, tin cans and beverage cans.  Items not to recycle are glass, cereal/soda/food boxes, styrofoam, disposable cups/dinnerware, wrapping paper, plastic wrap/bags, garbage, hypodermic needs, pills/medicine bottles.

Items to be recycled must be in clear plastic bags.  These bags are available at City Hall during normal business hours.  All recyclable waste must be put on a City Street by 7:00 am on Tuesday and must be kept separate from regular waste.

Questions regarding recyclable waste must be addressed to the Monroe City Sheltered Workshop at (573) 735-4751.