The Monroe City Municipal Court hears traffic cases and misdemeanor offenses cited by the Monroe City Police Department.

The second and fourth Thursdays of each month are arraignment days. The third Wednesday of each month is set aside for hearings.

The City’s Traffic Violation Bureau (TVB) is operated by the Municipal Court System. Tickets may be pre paid in advance of the court date by signing the back of your ticket and remitting the fine and court costs according to the fine schedule in advance of the court date.

Fine Schedule







Population: 2,588
Land Area: 3.1 sq. miles
Coldest Month: January
Hottest Month: July
Median Temperature: 54 degrees
Average Annual Rainfall: 12 inches
Average Winter Temperature: 32.7 degrees
Government: Mayor, two councilmen from each of three wards, appointed fire chief, appointed director of administrator, appointed director of public works, appointed city attorney, elected City Marshall
Airport: 720 feet above sea level

Distances to major metropolitan areas:
State capital-Jefferson City-79 miles
St. Louis-135 miles
Kansas City-180 miles
Atlanta-700 miles
Cleveland-722 miles
Denver-745 miles
Memphis-440 miles
New York-1,060 miles
Chicago-320 miles
Dallas-650 miles
Detroit-556 miles
Los Angeles-1,810 miles
New Orleans-833 miles
Washington, D.C.-836 miles


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